BUR Roofing

The term “Built-up roof” (BUR) is a generic term for roof systems typically containing multiple layers of hot asphalt sandwiched between layers of reinforcing glass roof felts, covered with a final finish layer of asphalt and gravel.

Built-up roof systems have been around in some form or another for almost 200 years. Known as the most traditional roof system, it has a typical life expectancy of 20-40 years. The multiple layer redundancy and tough surfacing make the Built-up roof the most resilient system available.

Along with its reputation comes the price tag. Typically, a complete tear-off with a Built-up roof system installation is the most expensive option available to a building owner. While all roof systems are good roofs if installed properly, the Built-up roof is known as the best, and should last the longest.

 Built-Up Roofing System Options

Graveled Surface

This system consists of a traditional roof mat, comprised of four layers of asphalt mopping and four layers of reinforcing felts.

There are two grades of reinforcing felts.

 Standard Type IV: Felt plies can be warranted up to 12 years.

Premium Type VI: Felts are more durable, and therefore can be warranted up to 20 years. Modified bitumen base flashings are installed at perimeter and curb flashings, adding additional redundancy of crucial locations. The roof is then flooded with hot asphalt and roofing gravel is broadcast into the asphalt providing a protective surface for both traffic and ultra violet rays from the sun.